Laura and I have discussed moving from our 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2061 square foot ranch numerous times over the past couple of years. She will typically send me a home for sale off and we will discuss things we like and things we don't. The conversations typically don't last long as we know getting our house ready for sale would be a huge undertaking. Besides, if we did move, where do we even want to move?

Sometime late last year she had sent me a link to a home for sale just a few houses up. We clicked through the pictures and thought "Wow, this is perfect!". We brought it up a few times but ultimately decided it would be long gone before we could get our house ready to sell. 

We received some very exciting news that we would be expecting a new addition to our family this September. After we ran through all of the emotions, we ended up at that same ol' conversation. Except this time we didn't want a bigger house. We need a bigger house.

On January 2nd we reached out to a realtor and on January 7th to two more. I had purchased our current home in 2011. I had never sold a home. After speaking to each of the 3 realtors a couple of times, reading online and picking my father in-laws brain (he is a realtor in another state), we decided on an agent. Somehow we didn't put two and two together but we discovered that the agent we reached out to was the listing agent for the house we really liked that was just two doors down. When we made the connection she informed us it had went under contract just a few days earlier.